What can we do?

What can we do to save our earth? Are there anything that even students can do? There are!!!! 

World Peace

Using reusuable things

Using reusable things is an easy way to take action starting now for anybody in all generations.  For example, find a metal water bottle that you like and bring it wherever you go, instead of buying plastic bottles of water.


​Using eco bags

​Think about the environment 

​Using eco bags are also a super easy yet effective way of reducing plastic! They're sold anywhere for generally low prices, and you can even make your own. Just think of how many plastic bags you'd be saving. 

​Like we have said numerous times, even the smallest changes help. Asking for a mug cup instead of plastic cups at cafes, using bar soap, or even treating yourself to an ice cream cone instead of getting a cup are ways to save the world. 

The ones that we have shown are just some in the many ways we could change our lives to contribute to the world. If you click on the instagram icon on the top of our page or the button next to this box, you will be taken to our very own instagram account where we show you guys ways to join in on the 5Rs movement! Check it out!