To achieve our goal...

    Our goal is for everyone in this world to start off by realizing the fact that all these environmental destruction are cause by ourselves. For example, the sea turtles wouldn't be dying and CO2 emissions would be reduced if us humans didn't use plastic in the first place. 


    We have contacted several yogurt companies in Japan. 4 out of 5 companies had been using plastic, but they all had proper reasons. Because the bacteria they use to make the yogurt is weak to oxgen, the companies were forced to use plastic containers. In addition, one of the companies changed their inner lid from paper to plastic due to complaints from customers saying that the lid was hard to peel. 


    We have also gotten answers from ketchup companies in Japan. In Japan, ketchup bottles are wrapped in another plastic bag. The reason for the use of plastic bags were to protect the bottle from sunlight and impact. 


    What did you think after hearing these? Should we be blaming companies for producing plastic used products when they are trying to make our lives more convinient? No, it's completely OUR fault; we are the ones who need to change. 


    As we have stated, we want to spread awareness of this situation and the fact that it is caused by our actions. We need to realize that even the smallest changes will make a difference if everyone made the effort to do so. To get ideas, go to our TAKING ACTION and get inspired ;) 


Plastic Polluted Ocean
Environment Activists Protest